Olivier Cadot

Professor at ENSTA-ParisTech

Unit of Mechanical Engineering (UME)

GROUP Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics (DFA)

828 bd des maréchaux - 91762 Palaiseau cedex
Tel : (33) (0) 1 69 31 97 56 - Fax : (33) (0) 1 69 31 99 97



Wakes of 2- and 3-dimensional bluff bodies in laboratory experiments (collaboration with PSA Peugeot Citroën, LIMSI, DAFE).

Full scale ground vehicles aerodynamics (CNRT)

Elastic wave turbulence in solids (collaboration with UPMC, ENS Paris)

Oscillating cylinders in flows (collaborations with EDF, CEA)

Drag crisis transitions of bluff bodies (collaboration with the NWTF, India)

Previous Research

Flow control (PMMH, Paris)

Laminar wake transitions (PMMH, Paris)

Shear instabilities in viscoelastic liquids ( Le Havre)

Drag reduction by polymer additives (ENS Paris, Le Havre)

Dissipative structures, global fluctuations and modulation in fully developped turbulence (ENS Paris, Le Havre)


Turbulence Course (ENSTA)

Creeping flows (ENSTA)

Experimental teaching (ENSTA)

Separated Flows, wakes and cavities (Master 2 MF2A)

Cavitation (Master 2 DFE)

Instabilities and industrial Flows (Master MF2A)

Symmetry breaking mode in a wake of a slender body of revolution

Water tunnel at ENSTA (2016)

S. Kumar, O. Cadot

Static symmetry breaking modes in the turbulent wake of a flat plate perpendicular to a uniform flow

Water tunnel at ENSTA (2015)

O. Cadot

Large Reynolds number aerodynamics

Full scale wind tunnel S2A with CNRT R2A (2013)

Sensitivity analysis

Global mode frequency of a square cylinder, (2013)

O. Cadot, M. Grandemange.


Car aerodynamics

Visualisation in the cavitating tunnel at ENSTA, (2012)

M. Grandemange, M. Gholke, O. Cadot


Bistable wake

Conditional averaged velocity field in Eiffel wind tunnel, (2011)

V.Parezanovic, O. Cadot.

Longitudinal vortices at the rear of a simplified vehicle

Visualisation using the cavitation technique in the Petit Tunnel Hydrodynamique du Bassin d'Essai des Carènes (2003).

J.-F. Beaudoin, O. Cadot, J.-L. Aider, J. E. Wesfreid

Wake of a three-dimensionnal body

Visualisation by a fluorescent dye (ESPCI, 2003).

J.-F. Beaudoin, O. Cadot, J.-L. Aider, J. E. Wesfreid

Low-pressure structure in a fully developped turbulent flow

Microbubbles (black) migrate into the low pressure region and show the dynamics of stretched vortices in turbulence (ENS, Paris 1995).

J. H. Titon, O Cadot, S. Douady, Y. Couder

Viscoelastic wake of a circular cylinder


Purple viscoelastic liquid injected through the body in clear water uniform flow.

(Université du Havre 2000).

M. Lebey, O. Cadot, S. Kumar

Backward facing step

Stationary three-dimensionnal instability of a basic two-dimensionnal flow (ESPCI, 2003).

J.-F. Beaudoin, O. Cadot, J.-L. Aider, J. E. Wesfreid

Flow in a microcanal

Visualisation with a microscope using fluorescence technique. The canal is 100 microns wide and  seeded with particules of 2 microns (ESPCI, 2003).

O. Cadot, D. Bonn, M. Fermigier, J. Meunier

Transition to the Chaos

Simulation of  phase dynamics and defects as observed in the Taylor-Dean experiment (Université du Havre, 1997)

P. Bot, O. Cadot, I. Mutabazi

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